Printed Packaging

Stand out from the Crowd

You’ve done the hard bit. You’ve created an outstanding product for your customers, now you just need everyone to notice it…which is where we might be able to help. Striking artwork can give your product a competitive edge in a busy marketplace and our range of printing techniques can achieve a stunning finish for your packaging.

As well as traditional Offset printing, which offers a high quality finish for designs of up to 6 colours, we also work with IML specialist manufacturers to ensure that whatever the complexity of your design, it can be achieved on your packaging.

We can offer both high quality printing options on low quantity runs starting at only 3,000 for Offset printing and 5,000 for In Mould Labelling (IML).

In Mould Labelling:

This technique can be applied to plastic packaging and fuses the product artwork to the container to achieve a finish that is literally moulded to the container. There is no chance of labels peeling off or becoming scratched or damaged. A photographic quality finish can be achieved to really show your product at it’s very best.

Offset Printing:

This technique can be applied to our metal packaging like metal buckets and tins. It involves the artwork being fused with the sheet of material as the product is made creating a photographic quality finish that won’t scratch or peel off like labels.

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