Printed Aluminium Packaging

Are you looking to launch a new range of products? Or maybe you want to rebrand your existing range?

Whatever you're looking for, our printed aluminium packaging has the ability to transform and elevate your brand to new heights and open new markets.

Often associated with high quality, premium products due to their completely seamless finish and high durability, our aluminium containers offer even more when printed with a photographic quality, high decoration finish.




It takes just a single piece of aluminium to produce any of the jars you see in our range. The manufacturing process is called Impact Extrusion, which involves the single piece of aluminium being punched at high velocity, with extreme force into a chosen choice of mold. This method has many advantages over other conventional production methods and produces a strong, durable, lightweight container that offers outstanding protection for your products.

Design and Printing


The high-quality printing options available is what makes our aluminium jars really come into their own. Working with our in-house design team, we can support you in any way you need to create unique, dazzling artwork that will showcase your products like never before.

Offset printing offers the choice of up to 4 colours in one pass, with the option of an additional metallic or matte finish.



Why not emboss a unique design or your company logo onto either your caps or bodies?

For a one-off tool charge cost, embossing is a simple, effective way to heighten your brand presence and add an extra dimension to your packaging.

Aluminium can be recycled and reused over and over again meaning our jars are an environmentally friendly choice for all businesses.

Suitable For

Aluminium containers are already proving a popular choice of packaging in many markets and industries as they are suitable for such a vast range of applications.

Industries already choosing to use aluminium packaging are:

We want your customers to recognise your products instantly by ensuring the outer packaging is just as good as what’s inside. So, if you would like more information on our aluminium containers and the printing options available, please complete the enquiry form.