One Percent Improvements

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We believe in the power of getting
1% better every day

By making small marginal improvements every day, we have taken some huge steps forward in the way that we serve our customers.

At Ashtown Packaging, we are passionate about continually improving the service that we deliver to our customers. We recognise how important it is to never stop developing and so in order to make continual progress towards providing a World Class Customer Experience, we focus on the little things. You only need to see the impact that an army of ants can have to appreciate that small things add up! We harness this idea with what we call our "1% Improvements" as we continually look for ways to enhance our Customer Experience by getting that little bit better at what we do, every single day.

Implemented 1% Improvements

This simple idea has led to some fantastic improvements being suggested by our team and implemented around the business:

  • We have implemented an alert within our system to automatically update you when your order has been dispatched. Our alert confirms delivery times, addresses and other relevant details meaning that you can plan accordingly.
  • All members of our team are Skype trained in order to offer our customers an alternative communication channel - we are always looking to work in ways that suit you and your business.
  • We have added an automatic response to the sales and accounts mailboxes - simple but effective. This instils confidence into the customer that we have received their email and are working on it.

Quotes From The Team

What One Percent Improvements mean to our team:

"Anyone can suggest a 1% Improvement. Our Innovation Value is all about “looking for new ways to do business” and everyone in the business can do it. "

Operations Manager

"I like having a focus on getting 1% Better Every Day. It’s nice to be part of a team that never stops improving."

Customer Service Executive

"Our 1% Improvements might only seem small, but they add up to really make a difference to our Customers"

Warehouse Operative