Why Choose Aluminium Bottles?

Aluminium packaging can often be overlooked when deciding on your packaging needs in favour of traditional plastic packaging. This can be for a variety of reasons and quite often it simply comes down to price as aluminium is typically less cost effective than other alternatives. However, aluminium packaging offers many benefits that can comfortably outweigh the investment made. We currently supply aluminium bottles to a wide range of industry sectors where the highest levels of quality, service and safety are required.

So why choose our aluminium bottles?

  • UN Approved: All of our bottles from 125ml upwards are UN Approved meaning they have been tested and approved for the storage and transportation of dangerous and/or hazardous materials.
  • Food Grade Certified: Both our lacquered and non-lacquered bottles conform to European regulations on food contact.
  • Seamless Structure: The entire range has a completely seamless structure ensuring optimal water-tightness and maximum security for your products. This also gives excellent resistance against shocks, perforations and compressions that can occur during transportation.
  • Tamper-evident Seal: Guarantees your products will not be tampered with during transportation.
  • 100% recyclable aluminium: Manufactured with infinitely recyclable aluminium meaning they are highly sustainable and great for the environment.

This level of quality and performance is not always achievable with more traditional materials but is essential for businesses storing high value products such as:

  • Flavours and essences
  • Food processing and nutritional supplements
  • Fragrances
  • Speciality chemicals
  • Laboratory solvents, etc

Starting from 19 millilitres and rising to a 32 litre capacity, we stock the full range in both a plain internal finish or lacquered internal finish where it is required that the contents to not be in direct contact to the aluminium.

And with the introduction of our new online pricing you are now able to purchase our aluminium bottles right away simply by creating an online account with us. All prices are visible when logged into your account where payment can be made using either a debit or credit card. You can view our full range of aluminium bottles HERE.

If you would like more information on our range of aluminium bottles or you have a question about our new online pricing, please contact our Customer Service Team today.