Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your depot based?

Ashtown Packaging’s depot is located at:

Ashtown Packaging Limited
McKee Avenue
Dublin 11
Republic of Ireland

To view all of The Involvement Groups locations please see our Contact Us page.

Do you offer next day delivery?

Please see our Delivery Options page for more information on our delivery options.

How can I track my order?

If you need to track your order please call our Customer Service Department on 00 353 1864 2414 or click on our livechat option online. Please have your order number ready.

I can’t find what I’m looking for?

We’re sorry you couldn’t find what you were looking for, but don’t panic. Please contact us via phone, email or livechat and we will see if we can help.

Due to our experience and supplier relationships, we are able to source and integrate new products into our range if commercially viable.

Do you have minimum order quantities?

Our full range of products have their own minimum order quantities. The minimum order quantity for each item is a pack size, which is displayed on each product page- or a minimum order value of £350, whichever is greater.

If you wish to order smaller quantities, or your requirements do not meet the minimum order value, then please visit our retail division at Oipps do not have any minimum order quantities or minimum order values in place so all items can be ordered from a single unit upwards.

Why can I only buy in pack and pallet quantities?

As Ashtown Packaging is a wholesaler, our products have to be purchased in wholesale quantities in order for us to offer competitive wholesale pricing.

If you wish to order smaller quantities, please visit our retail division at

Do you provide samples?

If you are interested in a sample of one of our products, please contact our Customer Service Department on 00 353 1864 2414.

How long does it take for my quote request to be responded to?

We will aim to respond to your quote request within 2 working days.

Where your packaging requirements are more specific or bespoke, we will contact you within the same timeframe to discuss your request in more detail. This would include things such as custom printing.

What does fluorinated mean?

Fluorination is a process that is applied to plastic to preserve the integrity of plastic containers. The fluorination process consists of a coating being applied to the inside of the container that offers an extra layer of protection against permeable liquids.

Fluorination is a permanent and does not wear over time. It can also help to protect against discolouration of the plastic.

What does UN Approved mean?

A UN Approved or UN Certified container is a container that has been officially approved and certified for the transportation and sending of goods that are included on the UN Dangerous Goods List.

This means the containers have been put through strict testing for the transport of hazardous goods and substances.

In order for the UN Certified, or UN approved status to remain valid, the packaging must be used strictly in accordance with the approval documents.

What does lacquered mean?

When a product is described as lacquered, it means that the product has a lacquer coated interior. This is a protective coating that is applied internally to protect either the contents of the container, or the integrity of the metal container from reacting with the contents.

A good example of this is where an internal coating protects the metal container from rusting and oxidisation when holding water based products.

Some of our products also have an external lacquer or coating. External lacquer on metal products can help protect the metal from environmental elements as well as helping with the adhesion of labelling.